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Northern-hardy perennials and shrubs that deer do not eat – tested and sold since 1997!. This list of deer-resistant plants includes descriptions and photos. Order the plants right here and make your dream garden a nightmare for deer! Save your non-deer-resistant plants with Plantskydd deer repellent.

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• Why you can plant during the summer:  All of our plants are well established in pots and are easy to transplant.  Just provide consistent water for the first few weeks while the plant sends out roots beyond the shape of the pot.  Order now!

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Cotton Candy'

Deer-resistant plants in bloom in Zone 5

'Silver Mound'
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Berberis 'Sunjoy


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This site will help you with the three most effective ways to keep deer from eating your plants:  deer-resistant plants, deer repellents and deer fencing.

Since 1997, I've tested hundreds of varieties of perennials and shrubs. My Deer-resistant Landscape Nursery plants are open to browsing by the neighborhood herd. Because the deer have access to a large quantity of each variety, I am able to note the difference between their occasional test bite versus their devouring all the plants of a certain variety. Frequently, the devoured varieties appear on other lists of "resistant plants," but they do not appear here. This may be one of the best-tested lists of deer resistent flowers on the internet.

While no plant is deer proof, these are some of my favorites that the deer will not eat: berberis, digitalis, helleborus, hellebores, asclepias, achillea, aconitum, alchemilla, artemisia, buddleia, buxus, carex, epimedium, euphorbia, ferns, some geraniums, miscanthus and other ornamental grasses, lamium, lavandula, narcissus, nepeta, perovskia, potentilla, salvia, siberian iris, stachys, thymus, verbascum.

You can also protect your landscaping or garden with 7-1/2 or 8-foot-tall deer fence. The nearly invisible mesh barrier is easy to install as a do-it-yourself project. Stronger than netting, this polypropylene mesh fencing is the ideal barrier and makes your garden essentially deer proof.

How to protect those non-resistant plants you can't live without?  With discount Plantskydd and Natura repellents. These natural, organic repellents effectively repel for a month or more so you enjoy your favorite flowers even while deer roam your yard.

So what is the best way to keep deer from browsing your garden?  I use a combination of all three – a fenced-in cutting and vegetable garden, deer-resistant plants around the house and deer repellents on my wife's pansies and tulips.

 – David Jensen, owner

Hablamos español (un poco). Plantas que los venados no comen.


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